Saturday, July 08, 2006

Warning: I cant tell anyone what they want to hear.

So what can I tell you all? You ask me for advice in hard times.
What do I do?
Focus on evaporating.
Becoming less and less until there is nothing else to feel what you feel.
Try to escape, always escape.
Escaping must be nice.

Why still be here?
Fight until you cant fight anymore.
Exhaustion is your worst enemy.
If all else fails, plead.
There is no hero here,
no one to save you, despite what others say or think.
There is only you and the antagonist.

Let the pain envelop you.
Each new wave is another few seconds to make it through.
Stare. Count. Count to 10, 100, 1000.
Hope he gets what he wants.
Be glad your face is hidden under thousands of pounds of guilt, pillows and sheets,
and no one can see your tears.
He can smell your fear, they all can.
Feel your pretty hair entangled and knotted in his fingertips.
Dont forget how to breathe.

Realize you have failed again.
Realize what you are, who you are.

Deal with it.