Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Horrid and short...Just something to say I am alive

"Be careful....
be careful,"
my conscience says...

for when you are approached in an alleyway by a familiar face
knees tend to hit the brick walls first.

protect yourself.
protect yourself.
protect yourself.

Family always finds you.
And they seem to always leave you contorted..
and lost within yourself.

I am lost.
No more counting.
No more running.
No more fighting.
No more interrupting....objecting.
No. More.

I am...


Blogger The Wandering Author said...

Oh, Ischelle, I'm sorry to read this post (although very pleased to know you're alive). Although there is little we can do for you, know that there are those of us out here on the 'Net who care.

I was just crying over the impending death of Anne Frank's tree; your post reminds me there are much worse things in the world. Although I mean the wish honestly, I fear any of the conventional sentiments of this season would seem more like a cruel joke in your situation.

So all I can do is remind you that you are not alone, that you have readers who care about you. I hope that is some slight comfort. I wish it could be more.

2:11 PM  
Blogger RomanceWriter said...

Hey Ischelle,

there are no easy words to make it all better for you. But you do deserve to live in a safe world. Everyone does, especially a sweet girl like you.

So this holiday I pray you find safety and a good escape route.

There is beauty in your painful words and it comes from the lovely spirit you have. I hope that soon you will smile more than you cry.

I believe it can be. I'm beliveing in it for you.

Love and hugs,
from your friend Sara

2:39 PM  
Blogger Susan Abraham said...

my prayers stay with you.
you are beautiful.
You must continue to dance in the light.

7:54 PM  
Blogger crimsonflaw said...

the title in itself is a poem, the typographical arrangement written in a bruised pattern... in parts emphatic in parts territorial for the bruise is a territorial something is it not...

and then the assertions...a warning dying into a numb state...

aesthetically perfect... ischelle i am back in your company my true friend.. how i have missed u how i have missed the moments brought on by your stay..never are stronger than the pain...that is why you feel it still...


2:22 PM  

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