Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Holidays

I lost my mind,
I completely forgot it was Christmas.
Happy Holidays - whichever you celebrate.
We dont celebrate any here...

I also apologize for my lack of...
'holiday spirit' as they call it.

But I have come upon a realization.
An epiphany if you will.

There are rules.
Certain rules that you must follow.
My mother introduced me to them as a young child.
You must follow these rules to survive, in ways such as mine.
You must become familiar with them, memorize them,
they are your guide to the finish line.
And if you are familiar with any of these rules
please feel free to identify.

I have come up with a some what appropriate label for these rules:

Fruit bruises, and so do girls.

.Remember who you belong to
and keep making excuses for them.
It may hurt but they are your lifeline, and they are all you have.
.Dont beg.
Begging gets you nowhere at all. And only shows weakness.
They dont like weakness.
.Learn to make pain your anesthetic.
Please just be productive. Its understandable that you are worthless, but at least try to prove them wrong in some way.
.Always talk in metaphors and riddles when people begin to ask questions.
Become a good liar, its all you have to survive. Its all you have to prove yourself.

.And most importantly, something you must not forget
as long as you live:
Never, under any circumstance, ever ask anyone to save you.