Saturday, July 29, 2006

"You are so small, dont get lost"

Lets play a game. One where I can pretend this isnt my life, and not my problem to deal with. A game where this is all a story, one which is simple enough to close the book and be done with.

Monsters are drawn to the city,
the bright lights...crowds of people..
This monster not green or blue
also goes by the name 'The man with the heavy hands.'

This so called 'man' would take the little girl to the city.
Go in and out of strange places and
she would often get lost in the crowds.

He went to get coffee
and he also bought cigarettes,
which is odd
because neither of them smoked.

He began to compuslively hold her hand
to keep her from being consumed by crowds of busy people.
They stopped in the park
sat on a bench.
The silence grew to awkward conversation,
and the conversation in itself grew angry.

She returned home crying
with her bittersweet love for the train stations
because the people there are so blind,
they turn their heads,
and they never really care what you are doing.

"This is what happens,
this is what happens to little girls like you"